About us

As notaries, we hold a public office and are committed to neutrality. At the same time, we see ourselves as competent service providers in legal matters. We consider high standards for the quality of our work, readiness to commit, friendliness to our clients, and an uncomplicated and accessible business procedure to be a matter of course. Our activities include the provision of legal advice, the preparation, execution, and completion of documentation procedures, the preparation of legal reports, the review of draft contracts, and mediation in conflict situations. We take special care that our documents and legal advice not only take into account legal and commercial relationships, but are practicable and avoid conflicts in every case. If necessary, we will gladly serve you outside our opening hours as well.

Dr. Wicke & Herrler , Brienner Str. 13, 80333 München, Tel 089-2121210 Fax -212121-31